Zen Art Puzzle


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Zen Puzzles™ are unique, hand designed, artisanal, heirloom quality, wooden jigsaw puzzles crafted with beautiful images, elegant designs, and wonderful, whimsical, figural pieces. Designed for adults, but enjoyable for anyone (8+ recommended), Zen Puzzles make the perfect gift! Zen Puzzles are created in the USA using eco-friendly materials and a portion of their profits are contributed to extraordinary organizations working to restore the ecological sustainability of the earth and to improve the quality of life for all creatures living on it.

Our selection consists of the smallest Teaser Puzzles! Delivered in a mere 2.5" square box - they are just 4.5" by 4.5" when complete; but not any less beautiful and fun to create! Hand-crafted, eco-friendly artisanal teaser wooden jigsaw puzzles that are approximately 50 pieces, with 1 figural "shaped" piece. Made in America from FSC Certified Birch wood.

 "Zen" series was selected for the beauty and calmness that surround us everyday and encourages us to find peace and wonder in our everyday existence.