Wood Tide Clock Dock


SKU: 19712 Meadowflowers Art


We have taken beautiful piece of paulownia wood and developed a new style tide clock for the beach lover or fisherman! This particular tide clock will make a great conversation piece for your home. We have clearcoated the backdrop to accentuate the beautiful wood grains and placed a teal beach scene backdrop atop. The clock is highlighted with a some great detail (sand, starfish, pelican) - a great nautical accent piece for any home/ beach cottage.

Because each piece is handmade and every piece of wood is unique, please note that each clock will vary slightly (from that pictured) due to each piece of woods natural grains and the printing process. However, the overall color palette will be as pictured.

Clock measures approximately 12" square and is 1.5" D
Clock requires a AA battery (battery NOT included)

*Please note that clocks will arrive with clock hand and cap detached (to ensure the hand won't easily bend/ break)... instructions on assembly will be included.

This tidal clock is Semidiurnal. What on earth does that mean?

Well, in the US, along the Atlantic Coast, there are normally two high and two low tides each lunar day, called a semidiurnal tide. This clock is set accordingly and will rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes. In other areas, such as the Pacific Coast, the west coast of Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico, tides are diurnal or mixed, so this particular tide clock will need to be adjusted more often in these locations.

Additional factors that influence day-to-day tide times and heights in your area are barometric pressure, onshore winds, shapes of bays and inlets, coastline configuration, and local water depth. These are simply designed to be used as an additional instrument to gauge your tides. If an exact tide time is of the essence, or your safety is at risk, please do not rely on this clock.

Along with your tide clock, you will receive additional tidal information regarding tidal periods, types of tides, and setting of your clock instructions.