Clamp-On Swing Arm Deck Hanger


SKU: 3031 Erva


  • Clamp-on "swing arm" deck hanger with a 27" overall height and a 44" reach.
  • It's perfect for squirrel proof feeders that must be kept out of squirrels reach.
  • Also for hummingbird feeders - as it keeps the sticky sugar water far off the deck.
  • This is a premium product. It features a plastic sleeve within the clamp tube that allows for easy movement. This insures effortless positioning of the arm.
  • A large palm size locking screw secures the swing arm in place.
  • Each piece is painted with a baked on powder coated automotive grade finish that will look great for years.
  • Nickel plated brass end cap gives this piece a contemporary and progressive appearance.
  • This deck hanger easily holds 10 pound bird feeders or flower baskets.
  • The large turning knob allows for effortless clamping to your deck rail.
  • The clamp accommodates rails up to 3-1/2" Thick.
  • Made in USA