Maine Woods Soap


SKU: 18729 Long Winter Soap


People come from all over the world to hang out in our woods, just breathing. There's something about that fruity balsam fir growing in centuries old loam that has a way of resetting all your buttons. Aside from all the lobster and gorgeous views, that scent is probably the best thing our state has going for it.

About 5-6oz per bar.

Superfatted to 5%, tested on friends, not animals. Each bar comes in its own little muslin bag and wrapped in recycled brown paper printed with title and ingredients.

Ingredients: Water; Lye; Coconut, Palm, Olive, and Canola Oils; Shea Butter; Fragrance Oil; Matcha Powder; Alfalfa Leaf; Waldoboro-Sourced Cedar Cones, Birch Bark, and Usnea & Greenshield Lichens