Little Dishes


SKU: 14780 Down to Earth Pottery


Round and Heart-shaped clay pottery with multi-colored recycled glass center in iridescent hues. Hand thrown, expertly glazed by hand and high fired. Each creation is unique, varying sightly in color and size.

For decorative use only, not recommended to serve or store food.

Measurement: 3.5in d x 1in h

Listing is for one Pottery Little Dish ONLY.

Each Pottery Little Dish is handmade, meaning that each Pottery Little Dish is 100% unique. No exact color scheme is guaranteed, but we will try our best to color match to your specifications.  Write your color preference in notes as well as round vs heart shape and we will do our best to match your preference as best as possible.  If no note, one will be chosen at random.

100% made in the U.S.A. by Down to Earth Pottery in Colorado Springs, Colorado.