Cedar Heated Deck Birdbath


SKU: 11835 Gold Crest


Water is a vital resource to birds in the winter. Offer fresh water to birds through the winter months with a heated pan.

Long-lasting Western Red Cedar frame, 20 inches diameter.

Two triangular mounts are adjustable for deck railing, up to 14 inches. Guaranteed to provide your birds with water down to -10 degrees F or -23 C. The insulated 60-watt heating element is thermostatically-controlled, enclosed and sealed inside the pan, and activated when water temperature goes below 35 degrees.

Removeable, heavy-duty, clay-color, bird bath pan is 14 inches diameter, 1 inch deep with 12 inch cord. It holds .5 gallons of water that stays thawed, but does not get warm.

Dimensions: 19.00" (D) x 19.00" (W) x 3.25" (H)

Weight: 7 lb.