Bird Feeder PVC 10" Hexagon


SKU: 17888 FHP


  • Constructed of PVC Board with bright copper slope roof. 
  • The roof is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Brackets are attached and designed to fit 4”x4” vinyl sleeve post (post sold separately).
  • Liquid resin finial. 
  • Easily lift the roof to fill 3”x9” feeder tube. 

Color Options

  • Copper: Finished with exterior lacquer to maintain its copper color finish and beauty.
  • Patina: Finished with exterior lacquer to maintain its patina color and beauty. 
  • Cypress wood shingled roof:  With proper care wood shingles will hold up for years to come. Shingles will age with beauty as the years pass. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to ship as it is being handcrafted special for you!

When this arrives, the base is packed into the body making it look as though a piece is missing.  It's not missing, just smart packing!  

Square adapter in mounting brackets is to be removed if using a vinyl sleeve.  If using a 4x4 wood post, leave the adapter on.