Shopping Online With Bell Farm Shops

Bell Farm Shops is a retail store before all else and that is our core competency.  In order to survive not only in this unprecedented time, but in the age of technology in general we have made our merchandise available for online ordering.  This is all new to us, but we are working our tails off and we are so excited to be able to reach more customers with our products!


As online shoppers we are conditioned to expect free shipping.  Most retailers will inflate the cost of their products so that it includes the shipping.  Since we also want customers to be able to purchase items for pick up, we feel it would be unfair to charge pick up customers an inflated price when it is not necessary.  We cannot manage two different prices and we operate on extremely thin margins as it is, so free shipping is not something we can offer blanketly at this point.  We hope to be able to revisit in the future when we've grown to a point where it would be feasible.

Product Availability

Everything listed on our website is either on our retail floor, or in our small back stock room.  Our inventory from our store system syncs with our online system.  There are cases where one will show in our inventory, but the item may be slightly shop worn or there may have been an inventory error and we no longer have it.  This is very rare, but in the event that it may happen we would reach out to you and offer alternate options or a discount.  We would not send something out if we weren't proud of it.  

Customer Confidence

We want you to be happy, so please give us feedback!  We want to learn and continue to improve our guest experience.  All products are tested and inspected prior to shipping.  Of course there are instances that are outside of our control, and we are human so mistakes can happen once in a blue moon! If anything arrives damaged, please take photos of the item in it's original box and packaging and send to  If the box is damaged check the contents immediately if you can.  If the contents are damaged, please refuse the shipment.  It will come back to us and we will refund you.

Bell Farm Gift Experience

We are small, but we are mighty!  We want you to have the very best experience with us in store AND online.  If we know your product is a gift, we will do our very best to make sure your gift is beautiful and that it arrives safely!  Make sure you add a comment to your notes at checkout and we will handwrite a message for you.  If there is a card in your cart, we will write it on the card.  If no card, we will write on card stock.  

Spread the Bell Farm Word

Again, we are an extremely small team trying to do big things!  Help us!!! Share your experience or a picture of the products you purchased and tag us.  @bellfarmshops

Thank you!!!

Feel Good

You are making a difference!  We buy from 100+ domestic vendors, over 20 of which are in Maine.  With your support we can continue to support our vendors and our 7 employees.  Believe me we know you're busy, we know it takes a little more effort to order with a small business and we are SO lucky you have decided to shop with us.  I hope you know we are all beyond grateful for your support.