Oriole Nectar Gift Set


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This gift set is perfect for someone who would like to start watching the orioles!!

This 12"x9"x6" gift box has a picture of 2 orioles and includes the below:

-Vintage Carnival Glass Oriole Feeder

Attract orioles to your yard with the beautiful orange luster finish on the Perky-Pet Carnival Glass Vintage Oriole Feeder. Orioles love nectar and they will love eating from a feeder that was designed just for them! The unique circular perch provides ample room for them to sit and dine, and the 4 feeding ports will catch their attention with the bright orange flowers surrounding the port openings. You will never have to worry about spilling when filling through the wide mouth opening on the 18 oz. glass bottle. Cleaning will also be super easy as the wide mouth design allows you to thoroughly clean every inch of this feeder.

-8 oz Oriole Nectar All Natural- No Dyes

8 oz Oriole Nectar. Makes 48 ounces of nectar. No boiling required. Mixes instantly with tap water. No artificial sweeteners. No orange dye. 

-13.5 oz Orange Suet Dough Cake

13.5 oz Orange Suet Dough Cake. 

-Perfect Little Brush 

Perfect Little Brush. 3 1/2 long, slim tip brushes are perfect for cleaning oriole ports.  Color coded 3 pack.  Answer to many cleaning quandaries.

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Your box will be wrapped in kraft paper and we will affix the label to the kraft paper.