For The Birds...and You! Gift Bundle


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Don’t forget about the birdies this Spring!

This gift bundle includes:

-A colorful bluebird house made from recycled milk jugs that is made into poly material. (Exact colors may vary. If you would like to choose the colors you can email me at info@bellfarmshops and I can email you a photo of the colors we have in stock!)

  • 6”x6”x13”

  • Front flips up for easy clean out.

  • Comes with mounting brackets to mount to post, tree or house.

-Nesting Ball

  • Help your birds by offering this ready-to-hang ball made of natural cotton and yarn strings. The gold finches love to pull on the cotton and use it to build their nests. It's fun to know that you gave their baby birds a soft place to start! Hang in a tree closest to your windows for the optimum bird-watching experience!

-Bird Watcher’s Digest Bird Garden Book

  • 5.25”x.3”x8”

  • Good habitat benefits an array of backyard visitors. This book provides a template for transforming your yard into a sanctuary for you and for wildlife. Includes charts for the best bird friendly trees, plants and shrubs. Each 32-page guide in the Backyard Booklet Series is packed with practical, easy-to-understand information, color photographs, and useful tips.

-Please indicate if you would like this packaged in one of our Bell Farm Shopping bags with tissue paper for a gift when you are asked whether this will be curbside, delivery or shipped.

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