Orioles; How to Attract

Orioles; How to Attract

May 17, '20

Content By: Evan Glynn

As spring migration is in full swing, one of the most talked about summer resident birds has to be the Baltimore oriole.

Image photographed By: Evan Glynn

Baltimore orioles are stunning members of the blackbird family. Male Baltimore orioles have black heads with striking orange and black bodies. They have longer pointed bills for eating insects and fruit. They sing beautiful flute-like whistled songs from neighborhood treetops.


They build fascinating woven nests that hang from branches. Maybe best of all, they are fairly easily attracted to backyard bird feeders.

To attract these beautiful birds to your yard, cut oranges in half and hang them from a feeder or from trees. They will also go for grape jelly that is smeared on a feeder or tree. Many feeders are made to specifically attract orioles, like this Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder which holds 4 orange halves and has a vessel for holding jelly. Our jelly has no preservatives and is a combination of grape and blackberry jelly that they love!

Hang this feeder from a shepherd’s hook, have a little patience, and the orioles will come!  Make sure you get a wrap around baffle so that the chipmunks don't steal all their oranges!

Image photographed by: Erin Prawoko