Backyard Bird Holiday Gift Guide

Backyard Bird Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 3, '20

Bird watching is a new hobby for many this year, since we are spending more time in our own backyards learning what's around us.

This gift guide includes a fun selection of bird related products.  We have ideas for all levels.

For the Kids

Bluebird Plush with Bird Song, Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs, & 40 Piece Kids Songbird Puzzle
My daughter is 13 months old and she is already bird obsessed!  It is such a fun activity for kids and great to get them exploring the world around them early.  Featured is a plush bluebird that when squeezed plays the bluebird song.  Don't stop at just the bluebird's song and include the "little book of backyard bird songs" so your kiddo can learn 12 backyard bird's songs!   Lastly, the jumbo songbirds of North America is a great gift idea for kids 3+.

For the Beginner 

Suet & Seed Ball Feeder & Suet Balls


In general suet is a simple, clean and easy way to feed the birds.  It provides birds with fat to help keep them warm and full through the winter.  The suet ball feeder feels a little festive since it's sort of wreath shaped, too!  We sell suet balls in fruit & nut, peanut, mealworm and hot pepper.  Depending on what you think your recipient would like to attract, we would set you up with the appropriate balls!





For the casual birder who's getting more serious!

Cardinal Socks, Pecan Wreath, & Sibley Birds East Guide 
The socks are sweet and fun.  The wreath is oh-so festive!  It comes with a net so that you don't loose all the seed once they start pecking at it and it looses it's shape.  The book is an amazing comprehensive guide.  It's a bit more elaborate than our other guides, so I would recommend this guide for someone who is ready to take their birding to the next level!

For the Pro

What It's Like to Be a Bird Book, Cardinal Favorite Seed, Cardinal Figurine  
"What it's like to be a bird" by David Sibley was published in April of this year.  Since it's a newer book, I think it's a great idea for someone who has been birding for awhile because it is less likely they would already own it!  It talks about what common backyard birds are doing and why.  It answers frequently asked questions about birds, too.  A regular birder will always appreciate some great quality seed.  And why not throw in a cute little bird to round out the gift?